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Wedding photography magic doesn't happen in front of the camera or inside of it.
It's not simply the person behind the camera either.
Great wedding photography depends on the people behind the person behind the camera. That's why we have assembled the best team of professionals anywhere.

Scroll down to meet the key players on the team that makes the magic.


founder/principal photographer

American Photo calls him “One of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World. The world's best wedding planners call him all the time.

Brian is known as a master of creating photographs that radiate honest personality. Clients consider him a godsend since he does all of that without posing.

He's the rare photographer that actually makes brides more comfortable. He's the one that mother's adore, that grandmothers fall in love with and that guests didn't really know was there.

Yes, his work is outstanding - but it's his passion for it all, his sincere personality and his sense of humor that allow him to make it happen. And that's what truly sets him apart.

Brian's is a regular contributor to New York Magazine, Town & Country, Style Me Pretty, The Knot and his work often appears in The New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings as well as many international publications like Cosmopolitan (China), and The Bund.

He travels the world for events in destinations in Europe, the Caribbean and Central and South America to locations including: Italy (Florence, Ravello, Capri), Anguilla, St. Barts, Harbor Island and Paradise Island - The Bahamas, Rio, Sao Paolo, Acapulco, Kauai, Bermuda, and many more. He is represented in the Far East by Dimemor.

Brian lives in Manhattan with his wife, two boys and dog and thinks this whole write-up is really dry and boring. Oh, and he can tie a bow tie which has saved many a groom's ass. There, he added that part.


principal photographer/photojournalist

With his recent award, Ron made us the only studio in NY to have two photographers named to American Photo's "Top 10 Wedding Photographers" list.  We think he's pretty good too.

Many people nowadays like to say they shoot in a“photojournalistic” style.  Ron, on the other hand, is a true award-winning photojournalist.  His work has won National Press Photographers Awards, Picture of the Year, and earned him the title of Photographer of the Year by the New York Press Association.  Ron is a master of shooting under fire (literally - he was dodging sniper fire and kidnappers while covering the Coup d’Etat in Haiti) and has covered the Olympics, and flown with Obama covering his campaign for the presidency.  

He has been a photographer for the Yankees and the Giants and covered the World Series and SuperBowl for the Daily News.    
Ron lives with his wife and two adorable kids in NJ.  We have a picture of him shooting with us one day with four cameras around his neck.  A true die hard.


principal photographer/photojournalist

Justin is the Pulitzer Prize winning head of the New York office of the European Press Agency where he is also one of their principle photographers. Previously he covered the war in Iraq and photographed for clients including New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Time, Time, Newsweek, Business Week as well as the international press.

Justin was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his images of the September 11th terrorist attack.

He was also awarded the prestigious Overseas Press Club Award of Excellence.

Justin lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his wife where he plays a lot of 'my little pony' with his daughter.


principal photographer

Kang began shooting weddings in his native Singapore in 2005 where he
quickly became popular for his unusual ability to bring a more
creative and lighthearted style to his photographs. He was quickly in
demand for weddings in Japan and Australia as well but a trip to the
US in 2011 found him falling in love with the photojournalistic and
creative freedoms of working with American couples. He never left.

Now working with Brian Dorsey Studios, he combines the clean elegance
of his Eastern visual sensibilities with his less formal western
working style to create images that are both timeless and full of

Kang is a seasoned traveler and is fluent in Mandarin, speaks
Cantonese and understands Taiwanese. He can also quickly dispatch
wedding crashers using his six sigma black belt skills.

He brings his tireless work ethic to everything he does. He and his
wife are currently renovating their entire new home with their own
hands. That also makes him a big fan of HGTV


studio manager/album designer/photographer

As studio manager, Kim is responsible for our day to day operations including our in-house image processing and album design. She provides the love your images need until they have comfortably made the transition from their home here to yours.

Her extraordinary visual storytelling skills make her one of the most outstanding album designers anywhere and she has been known to make the impossible happen on several occasions.

On the personal side, Kim is a self-proclaimed nerd. She's worked in theater (imagine a play about text-based RPGs circa 1983) and knows the number of xp points a fourth level mage acquires defeating a dwarf. If you don’t know what that means, you're just not as nerdy as she is.

New York might be the photography capital of the world but we had to go all the way to North Carolina to find someone with her combination of skills - and southern charm! She recently moved from Brooklyn to be part of the B&T crowd. She doesn't know that we put that last part in there.


lead retoucher/production manager

Katie is the studio's magician - performing magic on each and every retouched photo. Bad skin day? No more. A little puffy under the eyes that day? Gone. Chin not quite as trim as you remember? Fixed. Grandma's arms not quite as taut as they used to be? Voila.

The result? Nobody notices. You were just rockin' it that day, right? Everybody loves Katie. Some clients believe she must have a cape hidden somewhere.

Katie was the expert retoucher and printer for a noted photographer in San Francisco. We stole her and brought her here to NY. She is a foodie and is also pretty geeky (there's a theme, no?) She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their absurdly large cat.


event producer

Celeste is our one woman on the ground event production department. Brian would be lost without her. That's why he married her. But she gets no compensation whatsoever for giving up her weekends to do this stressful work - even after a full week as a teacher. In fact, we sometimes even forget to thank her. So do her kids.

Celeste has become the de facto patron saint of brides since she has saved untold numbers of them from wedding day disasters. Her never ending supply of Motrin, Advil, Tylenol or Aleve (your choice), Shout wipes, granola bars and needle and thread keeps every member of the bridal party in top form. Her indefatigable willingness to provide limo drivers with directions (amazing, right?), her ability to correctly pin on boutonnieres and perform emergency alterations of ill fitting wedding dresses make her a big hero. Many of our clients start a shrine to Celeste in their homes after the wedding day.

Celeste lives in Manhattan with her husband and those same two boys and dog as Brian.

Photographers - We are expanding!

We are currently accepting applications from exceptional full time professional photojournalists and commercial and editorial photographers interesting in joining our team for weekend work. Candidates must have a positive, upbeat personality in addition to a well developed portfolio demonstrating experience shooting wedding-like situations (fast paced pj with flash) as well as directing.

Qualified candidates should forward their resume with links to a relevant portfolio to:

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