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NOTE - As of July 1, 2014 we have begun using a new and improved proofing and self-service printing company to host our client's images. Emails sent directly to our clients will inform them how to access their images.

For clients with events prior to July 1/2014, your images will continue to be hosted on Pictage until your event's expiration date. After that time, please contact the studio and we can arrange for new online access to your images.

Pictage events are password protected with an event key - normally the bride's maiden name with the first letter capitalized. to begin, scroll down the list below and select your event which will take you to the Pictage website. There you'll be asked to create an account using an email address and password of your own choosing (or log in if you've previously created one) and THEN you'll need to enter the event key to gain access to the images.

If you require assistance with the Pictage website, we encourage you to call Pictage directly at 1-877-PICTAGE. Enjoy!

Adrien and Sergei
Alexander's Portraits
Alicia and Kelvin's Wedding
Alicia & Kelvin's Bridal Portraits
Alli and Brian
Allison and Will's Wedding
Amy and Tony
Anastasia and Andrey
Andrea and Chris
Andrew's Birthday Party
Andy and Daisy's Wedding
Anna and Peter's Wedding
Anne and Brian's Engagement
Anne and Bryan's Wedding
Anne and Gabriel's Portraits
Anne and Gabriel's Wedding
Anya and Bob's Wedding
Anya & Bob's Engagement
Ashley and Fred
Bernadette and Chris' Portrait
Bernadette and Chris' Wedding
Bob's 60th Birthday Fete
Bridget's Portraits
Brie and Evan
Camilla's Portraits
Caroline and Brad's Wedding
Chelsea and Marc's Wedding
Christina and John
Conor and Emma
Cooper et al
Cowgirls Fashion
Cristina and Andrew
Dani and Josh
Daniela and Ben
Daniel and Victor's Portraits
Danielle and Lee's Portraits
Danielle and Lee's Wedding
Deborah and Gary's Portraits
Deborah and Gary's Wedding
DeKoven Christmas Party
Denile and Adrien
Desiree and Nicholas' Portraits
Desiree and Nicholas' Wedding
Donna and Fred's Wedding
Doris and Eddie's Wedding
Doris' Shower
Elise and James in the Park
Elise and James' Wedding
Emerson's Portraits
Emily and Aasem
Emily and Adriano
Erica and Danny
Eric and Mira's Wedding
Frank - Headshots
Freddie and Nicole's Portrait
Freddie and Nicole's Wedding
General Atlantic II
General Atlantic III
General Atlantic Partners
Genine and Ken's Wedding
Irene and Kevin
Jamie and Peter's Portraits
Jamie & Peter
Jane and Mac
Janice's Birthday Party
Jared and Roona
Jared and Tara
Jeanine and Chris' Engagement
Jeanine and Chris' Wedding
Jennie and Marc's Wedding
Jill, Brad, Leah and Ethan Portraits
Jillian and Chris' Engagement
Jillian & Chris
Judy and Hank's Wedding
Kara and Mark
Kathleen and Jeff
Katie and John
Katrina & Taylor
Kavita and Jason
Kellie and Joe
Kelly and Doug's Portraits
Kelly and Doug's Wedding
Kelly and Jamie's Wedding
Kim and Justin's Wedding
Kirsten, Luke & Kate
Lauren and Chris
Leandre Portraits
Lee and Chris' Wedding
Leo's Portrait Session
Lilliann and Darren's Portraits
Lilliann and Darren's Wedding
Linda and Ronald's Wedding
Lois, Bryan and Conor's Portraits
Lonza at the Waldorf Astoria
Lori and Frank
Luca and Family
Lynn and Dan's Engagement
Lynn and Dan's Wedding
Maria and Paul
Marinari Portraits
Marisa and Colum's Portraits
Marisa and Colum's Wedding
Mary and Mike Engagement
Mary and Mike Rehearsal
Mary and Mike's Wedding
Matthew and Justin's Portraits
Meagan and Dan
Melanie and Jochen's Wedding
Melinda and Michael's Party
Michelle and Matt's Wedding
Miles and Cole's Portraits
Miranda's Bat Mitzvah
Missy and Jonathan's Wedding
Monica and Ben's Engagement
Monica and Ben's Wedding
Monica & David
Nicole and Peter's Portrait
Nicole and Peter's Wedding
Nicole Portraits
Noel and Doug
Olivia and family
Oty and Ever Portrait
Oty & Ever Wedding
Pamela and Rachel
Pamela and Rachel in studio
Phyllis, Chris, Clay & Sean
Raquel, Matt and Will's Portraits
Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah
Renee and Neil
Robin and Jerry
Samara's Bat Mitzvah
Sara and Nick
Sarah and Jeff's Wedding
Sarah and Ty's Wedding
Sarah's Bat Mitzvah
Sara Lee and Tim's Dinner
Sara Lee and Tim's Dinner II
Sara Lee and Tim's Wedding
Shannon and Julian's Portrait
Shannon and Julian's Wedding
Sheri & Akba
Sheri and Akba's Portraits
Sheryl and Steven
Silvia and Luis' Engagement
Silvia and Luis' Wedding
Sophia & John
Stacey and Arnold's Wedding
Stacy and Arnold's Portraits
Stacy and Howard's Portrait
Stacy and Howard's Wedding
Stacy and Robert's Portrait
Stacy and Robert's Wedding
Stacy, Gwen and Noel
Stephanie and Gary's Wedding
Stephanie and Phil
Surie's 90th Birthday
Susan and Curt
Susan and Lee's Wedding
Susan and Tim's Engagement
Susan and Tim's Wedding
Susie and Damon
Suzy and Nelson's Portrait
Suzy and Nelson's Wedding
The Denham Family
The Peer Group
The Romboughs
Tricia and Michael's Wedding
Wendy and Josh's Wedding
Wileeta and Sean's Portrait
Wileeta and Sean's Wedding
Winifred, Dove, and Golda
Yun Shin and Justin