the self-portrait studio

Ok. You finally get all of your family and friends together - dressed up and looking sharp. Everybody brings along a camera to take a nice group shot. Here's the reality of what happens next:

"Oh, just let me get one picture... Wait, let's get her in this too... Wait, where'd she go? Oh, here she is. Ok, wait, one sec.... look this way.... wait, put down your drink.... wait...look this way.... smile... Wait, which button is it? Wait, did the flash go off? Oh, you blinked... Wait let's do one more. Oh wait, do one with my camera too."

And you never see those photos anyway. Not that that's such a bad thing because truth be told, they looked like crap.

Our self-portrait studio is manned by a photographer, real equipment, real lighting, real fun. Guests take their own pictures with a remote and see the results instantly on screen. They keep going until they get what they love. They want a nice family formal - we'll make sure they get it. Want a group shot of school friends - have at it. And after a few drinks.... they get kinda fun.

High resolution files can be used to make great big images - not some little rinky dink strip that one person runs off with. No better way to memorialize your friends.